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Supported by Zhejiang University’s technological capabilities and talents resource , ZJUITI is fully devoted to commercialization of scientific and technological achievements.  

With a global vision, ZJUITI imports cutting-edge technologies and incubates high-tech projects from both domestic and aboard. After continuing exploration and prac-tice, ZJUITI has established three investment models: inner incubation and then spin-off, joint venture of start-ups and equity investment, based on the projects case by case, which will safeguard the healthy and sustainable operation and development of projects.

ZJUITI pays great attention to the trends of various industries, as well as consolidates the basis of its innovation and investment systems.The focus areas of ZJUITI range from Industry 4.0, New Materials, Energy-saving and Environment Protection, Healthcare Industry, Marine Industry, High-end Ad-vanced equipment and other industries. A series of High-tech and Industrial Devel-opment Centers were established for Energy-saving and Environment Protection, Pre-cision Medical, Organic Agriculture, Cultural and Creative Clothing Industry and etc. Each Center consists of several institutes which will expand the investment along the whole industrial chain, provide all kinds of technical support and value-added services for the projects, deliver persistent innovation power for the strategic planning of relat-ed industries, eventually preserve and increase the value of state-owned assets.




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